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About Myah

Myah Johnson / Founder & CEO

My name is Myah Johnson, and I am the Chief Executive Officer/Owner of Myah’s Resource Center Corporation. I have my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and my Master’s degree in Public Administration. I also have over a decade of state, federal, and legislative experience.  I worked a decade for Congressman David Scott’s office as a Senior Federal Representative, and I engaged with constituents to deliberate over their federal and state issues. I assisted them with filling out their documentation for submission to the state and federal agencies.  I assisted constituents to favorably obtain their supplemental security income, retirement survivor’s disability insurance, and their federal annuities. I also assisted constituents to favorably resolve their lien and tax refund issues with the Internal Revenue Service. I worked directly with constituents to favorably assist them with their discrimination cases with the United States Postal Service. I also worked nine years as the Senior EEOC Representative investigating constituents EEOC discrimination cases, which included gathering evidence, partnering with the EEOC, and favorably resolving complaints through communication and counseling with employees

and supervisors. At the end of the process if discrimination was proven, constituents were granted their right to sue letter to seek legal counsel. I also assisted constituents to obtain Medicare benefits. On the state level, I favorably assisted constituents to receive Medicaid, their unemployment benefits, and to favorably resolve their state tax issues with the Georgia Department of Revenue. I regularly attended federal and state congressional briefings to stay abreast of all federal and state policies, which allowed me to assist constituents, and to provide training to staff members. I conducted research on policy issues relevant to constituents and liaison with federal and state agencies congressional department to resolve their state and federal issues. I planned and attended chamber of commerce and community events that aligned with our community development initiatives monthly to discuss implementing new businesses and programs within our district. I also provided community updates to our community partners at these events. This also helped me to understand what new policies and programs needed to either be revised or implemented on the lower levels. I originated the housing unit in Congressman David Scott’s office, and served as the Senior Representative for the unit. I contacted the national banks and created relationships to work directly through their loan modification departments.  I assisted constituents with completing their financial packages to submit to their lender to determine their eligibility for a loan modification.  I also partnered with the United States Department of the Treasury each year to plan the Making Home Affordable event to bring constituents and banks all to the Georgia International Convention Center to determine if constituents would qualify for their foreclosures to be postponed to review their home loan to determine their eligibility for a loan modification. I attended HUD workshops to stay abreast of all policies and procedures, which allowed me to assist a lot of constituents in getting their income to 31% to align with President Obama’s loan modification. I implemented that process with a 90% approval rate. I also partnered with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to assist constituents in filling out their financial package to get approved for the $345 Million dollar Hardest Hit Fund Program. I introduced new policy legislation to Congressman David Scott for the Hardest Hit Fund Program, and he worked with the United States Department of the Treasury to get the policy implemented which allowed more constituents to get approved for the federally funded, state administered program. I received recognition yearly for having a 95% favorable rating for resolving constituent’s state and federal issues.

I have also done consulting work with Clayton County System of Care and Transcendence Child and Family Therapy. I was a Compliance Manager with Clayton County System of Care, and I was a Director of Operations with Transcendence Child and Family Therapy. I contracted with both agencies, and I recruited Licensed Clinical Social Workers to provide therapeutic services to students that participated in our ACT Program, and our Minority Youth Violence Program. I managed and supervised the therapeutic unit to ensure compliance in providing services to our clients. I also hired Mentors to provide mentoring services to our students. Through the staff’s work and the services we provided, our organization exceeded our organizational goals and performance targets to continually achieve an 85% success rate for increased student’s grades, graduation rates, and a positive change in student’s behavior towards their peers, administrators, and their family. I also implemented and managed the compliance of the lounge and learn and summer camp program, which also promoted high academic and social standards that increased students’ grades by 90%, decreased suspension rates by 50%, which created a positive learning environment.

I ran for State Senator in District 44 March 2020 because I wanted to provide new and improved jobs within our community to reduce underemployment and unemployment. I wanted to also bring back the girls and boys clubs for our youth to decrease gang activity and to mentor our youth, create programs that are focused on academics, leadership, and provide employment opportunities for our youth. Lastly, I wanted to work with employment agencies and corporations to assist the homeless, and to also help them to seek employment as well.

I went onto work in the Technical Sector with Accenture through becoming certified as a Certified System Administrator, and through my prior work experience of having project management experience. As a Senior Project Manager and Technical Analyst assigned to technical projects, I have worked with major clients such as Common Spirit Health, Cox Enterprise INC., Texas Department of Transportation, and PSCU INC. to bring my subject matter expertise to the project as a Certified System Administrator. I managed project resources, prepared job aids, and created standard operating procedures. I facilitated meetings with clients to discuss, identify, and understand the scope of their requirements. I prepared high level reports, managed timelines, performance measures, and ensured everyone met service level agreements, etc. I utilized agile methodology to ensure the staff and I met the goals and objectives of each project to execute.

Through my passion for human services and being an advocate for constituents is why I have opened my own non-profit organization titled “Myah’s Resource Center Corporation.” I enjoy working with constituents from all walks of life and having the expertise to assist them in resolving their state and federal issues. I also enjoy creating new policies and programs, and creating performance measures to measure the effectiveness of each program. It is my mission through my non-profit and partnering with the state and federal government to help alleviate poverty by assisting individuals that are facing a financial hardship or reside in an underserved community by providing human services such as mortgage and rental assistance, utility assistance, and workforce development consultations and referrals. The goal of my organization is to help constituents to re-establish their purpose, and to thrive in society.

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